What makes an outstanding Tree Service Company and How to Pick the Right one In Wilmington

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Hey everyone expo50 here and today I want to talk about what makes a tree service company great?

Because we are in the Prom season, many parents and kids are calling up limos and its also fall so ordering tree service as well to get rid of dead trees before winter but beware not all tree service companies were created equal even if the website shows same vehicle as other companies.

When you are looking for best Tree trimming in Wilmington there’s few things to watch out for so you know you are picking the right one.

  1. They have to be licensed and insured: this gets many people dumbfounded but the truth is many tree service companies out there are operating without a license or being insured. It costs thousands of dollars per month to have some of these vehicles insured and many owners out there do try to get by without proper licensing. That’s just the reality of the tree service industry and you have to take your pick carefully to find the reputable company in your area. There’s always at least few that are truly exceptional in every area.


  1. They have to have fairly new vehicles: You may be browsing online for tree service in Wilmington and you come across many sites with the incredible boom trucks and tree stump grinders and you assume they are a great company..


  1. Pick a company that is respectful: It is true that you will call some tree care companies and you like the person on the other end and they seem honest and reputable, while you call some other company and it feels like you are talking to someone that doesn’t care. Well chances are that the first company well give much better service for your event. You have to remember that its not just the vehicle you are renting but everything that goes into getting that tree removal & climbers prepared for your special day. This means that the company has to be owned by a great owner that manages everything like its their child. Chances are if they come off as people that’s not that interested in serving you, even if you get a better price you will get far inferior service. But these things are not black and white, this is where you should use your gut instinct when talking to these companies.

I highly recommend: wilmingtontreecare.com

For all the tree care owners out there in Wilmington, this should serve as a warning if you are lacking in any of these areas to pick your game up and nail these core principles down because this is how the top dogs are being successful in this industry. If you hired someone to take the phone calls, give them a break for a day, and you try handling the calls, you might be surprised how much more leads you will begin closing right away. As an owner (you should) fight for every lead and follow up to acquire those leads.


If you are consumer looking to invest in a great tree removal, let this article serve as a reminder to do your due diligence when picking your company. In my last article, I wrote about a particularly tree service company before.

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