A home is worth waiting for…


Noah and Eve have been married for two years. During those two years they have been living with Eve’s parents. The decided to move in with her parents in an effort to save money to buy a house. Neither one wanted to take out a loan but rather pay cash for the house. The economy being as it is this is actually possible. To pay cash for a beautiful home. So that’s exactly what they did. For two years they both worked had together. Saving every penny they could until finally they had enough to shop around.

Together they seen what must have been a hundred houses. But always finding fault in them. Too small, too big, too much work to be done, mold, cracking foundations, just a slew of different excuses. But in reality neither one felt that they had found their home. Although they were anxious to get out of Eve’s parents they understood that this is a process that may take time. Patiently they kept looking hoping and knowing in their hearts that their home was somewhere out there.

Finally one raining Thursday morning Eve was on her way to work and out of nowhere she got a flat tire. She pulled over and called for her husband to come and take care of it. As she waited for his arrival she noticed the house across the street. It was beautiful. A two story Tudor. Painted a soft pewter gray with creamy white trim and candy apple red door. Off to the side in the back she saw a gazebo matching to color of the house. Large spacious yard that ran adjacent to some woods. A two car garage and a detach shed. This was beautiful and exactly what they had been wishing for.

Noah pulled up behind his wife and noticed her staring across the street. He ask her what happen. Immediately she told him to look across the street. He did. He like his wife immediately fell in love with that house. And he said to her, “baby that’s our house, isn’t it?” Unable to speak she simply nodded.

As luck would have the owners came outside and staked down a sign. For sale by owner it read. Astonished at their luck the rushed across the street. Ask to see the inside of the home. Pleasantly surprise the inside of the home exceeded the outside. They immediately offered to pay full price, cash. The owners overjoyed at getting home sold so quick accepted their offer with haste.

Eve and Noah did not return to the house until it was time to move in. It was during this move they saw a tree. This tree was the only tree that did not have any leaves on it. Noah knowing a little bit about the healthiness of plants and trees realized if that tree isn’t cut down then the probability of it landing on their new home was almost definite.

Because of its proximity to their home and power lines. Noah and Eve decided to enlist the services of tree trimming and Removal Company ran by Eve’s cousin Kayden. Kayden came and quickly removed the tree for his cousin and her husband for a small fee.

Now Noah and Eve are all moved in and enjoying their new home. They await the delivery and arrival of their twin baby boys. So happy they were patient and waited until they found a house that felt like home.

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